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Publications by and about the Boston Little Syria initiative can be found here. The list of resources below is intended as a guide for those interested in reading, watching, and listening further. They include academic publications, family memoirs, blogs, oral histories, websites, videos, and digital archives. The focus is on material that relates to the Boston community from roughly the 1880s through the 1960s. Even so, the list is not comprehensive and we welcome suggestions.  


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Articles & essays

Calling to Remembrance”: A series of essays researched and written by Fr. Timothy Ferguson, St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, West Roxbury, for the church’s monthly newsletter (“The Messenger”)

Albrecht, Charlotte Karem . “Narrating Arab American History: The Peddling Thesis.” Arab Studies Quarterly 37 (2015): 100-117.

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Samaha, Charles Malouf. “Kahlil Gibran and Faris Malouf: The Story of an Unsuccessful Venture, 1924-25,” from Faris Saleem Malouf (1892-1958)–A Voice in the Dark: One Man’s Arab American Activism. 

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The Lost Syrian Neighborhood in Boston, Part 1.” “My Immigrant Parents Starting Over: From Damascus to Boston, Part 2.” “Starting New Life in America: A Syrian Refugee Story, Part 3.” Produced by Omar Duwaji. AJ+. March 10, 2017. 

United South End Settlements Oral Histories (Northeastern University Library): (1) Evelyn Abadalah Menconi, Jeannette Hajjar, Laurie Malooly (March 6, 1995); (2) Evelyn Haddad, Nicholas Haddad, Edmond Moussally (March 15, 1995)

Faris and Yamna Naff Arab American Collection, Smithsonian Institution – Oral Histories Digitized by the Arab American National Museum (conducted by Alixa Naff, 1962): (1) Assad Shabo (2) Ramza Abdelahad; (3) Joseph K.; (4) Skiyyie Saliba Samaha; (5) Charles Teebagy 

Canary Records – Digitized albums of early Arab-American music recordings: Russell Bunai, Star of the East: Arabic Songs in Massachusetts, 1948-1949; Tony Abdelahad, Philip Solomon, Mike Hamway, Arab-American Live Recordings, Vol. II: Boston in the 1960s; Najeeba Mourad, et al., Come On Honey: Arab​-​American Women ca. 1943​-​58

Deporting Ottoman Americans,” 13-part series from Ottoman History Podcast 

Websites, digital archives, & other resources 

Arab American National Museum Online Collections 

Moises A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies Digital Archive

Washington Street Historical Society (New York City): Touring App (also in Arabic)

Midwest Mahjar: The Recorded Sounds of the Arabic-Speaking Diaspora in the United States at 78rpm (blog)

Anton Abdelahad (website & recordings)

Atlascope: Exploring Historic Urban Atlases in Metropolitan Boston (Leventhal Map & Education Center)

Flaming Cheese Productions: Boston’s Nightclub Era of Belly Dance (website)

Global Boston (website)

Several institutions in and around Boston hold relevant collections that can be consulted on site. These include, among others, the records of the Lebanese Syrian Ladies’ Aid Society and Denison House at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute (Cambridge); the Boston City Archives; and the collected issues of the Mid-Town Journal at the Boston Public Library.